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Fork brace fits most new models


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Fits 650 Interceptor, and GT, plus the 535 Continental, Himalayan, and late model Bullets equipped with the OEM "brace"

RE recognized the shortcomings of the standard fork, and that it could be improved with a fork brace. Unfortunately the stock part leaves a lot to be desired, in that it is made from a low strength casting alloy, and not cross braced to resist torsional loads. Looks the business, but little more than a fancy mudguard bracket

This fork brace is 3D CNC milled from a billet of high tensile 6061-T6 aluminium and supplied in as machined condition. Cross braced to resist torsional force.
Mounts to the stock mudguard just like the stock bracket.
An adjustable mounting to the fork legs using flanged head stainless bolts, allows proper fork alignment and prevents stiction caused by non-aligning fixed mount bolts.

Looks great too!

192.00 USD + post. 17.00 USD will take it most places....................


Roy Gavin

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6061 T6 is not a high strength alloy , it is not as strong as most 3--- series castting alloys which are almost universally used in auto application. And most lower grades of casting are not far short of 6061 in equivalent temper.

At your price you would expect at least 7075 T6 , usually more than 50% stronger than 6061 T6.

But probably wont matter much, the weak point is the 5 mm fixing screws which fix into the '' low strength casting alloy" that the sliders are made from.

The top nut on the steering stem tends to unscrew at factory torque, which suggests that the top triple is flexing too - maybe a triple in High Strength 7075 T6 would help with flexing lower down too!
One that is split and claps the top nut, like on most larger bikes would be nice.
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