Front rack/frame question


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Is it possible to remove the front rack/frame (the part with the RE logo) and leave it off? Or does it provide structural integrity to the bike? Has anyone tried this?

Thanks in advance!


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I've seen a lot of customized Himalayans, without those protection bars.
It is the headlight/windshield/front blinkers mounting though! So you''ll have to find a solution / new bracket for those.


Roy Gavin

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Holds the instrument cluster too, so you need a bit more than headlamp/ indicator brackets.
Oliver Kroon ? offered excellent brackets on this forum a fair while back , so a good search might find the link.
I think he ended production but he might still have a CAD file or whatever to assist you.
There are already four tapped holes on the underside of the top triple for fixing the instrument bracket ---!
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