Hi from Ohio - 2022 Classic 350


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Willoughby, OH
Hi everyone, I'm Reese. I am a new rider, and just bought a chrome/bronze Classic 350. It's amazing, and I'm having such a blast so far. I'm learning how to do everything for my bike, and in a few months will hopefully be ready to take my test to get my endorsement. I already have questions on where to buy parts and suggestions for maintenance. I recently lost my partner who was going to take care of my bike with me, but now I'm reaching out to this community for guidance. Thank you in advance, and I'm looking forward to chatting with you!


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Welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy the Classic - pictures we need pictures :)
Sorry that you lost your partner, adjusting to the change can be both a challenge, and a therapy as learning to do something new brings a sense of confidence and achievement. When it comes to parts for RE I find Hitchcocks website in the UK has some good parts diagrams - postage to the USA tends to be expensive, but rapid, so get the part numbers and source either locally or from India.


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Hello Reese, welcome to this forum. Lots of good people here to help and give advice. Good thing REs (Royal Enfields) are a simple bikes you can easily maintain yourself.
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