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I may just have get some hitchcock improvements in time but for now, I like it, doesn't seem any more sluggish with my wife in pillion only done 400 miles on it, its a lil tractor:cool:


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Welcome from the Research Triangle.

Hard not to love these new 350s, which one did you go with?

After about 1200 miles they really loosen up, then it's time to think about performance improvements. (my choice in a starter pack is in the mail)

Drive it like a diesel, she really loves to pull. Just be careful not to lug it and vary the RPMs with some nice engine braking to help seat the rings. Like any other bike, break in throttle use should be a simulation of riding some hard twisties at no more than 80%.
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Hi, welcome. I sold my Interceptor 650 to buy a Hunter 350 early this year. The 650 was getting a bit heavy for me, the Hunter's much more comfortable - love it!


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Welcome Hazzbean

Have to admit slowing down is more life preserving than you'd believe nowadays and I often think if I'd been riding my (insert branded missle) the outcome would have been.........


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Hi Hazzbean. Similar story so bought a 350 Classic. Great bikes and loads of fun. I even grounded the pegs on mine which was a wake up call :)
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