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Finally made it
I was looking for a modest performance bump--basically enough extra to feel safer on the occasional stretch of Interstate, and hold my own against those Midwestern headwinds (how can I have headwinds in both directions). This seemed to fill the bill. I have had some bad luck with "performance" stuff in the past, so I sent Hitchcocks some questions by email. They replied the next day, nice. My questions, and the reply:

Q: was your dyno run made with the stock (catalyst) exhaust?
A: The exhaust system will have been the standard system with the catalytic convertor in place, and this will have been repeated for both dyno tests which are displayed for this cam (typically, we find the stock silencer to be a good setup, and a free flow front pipe makes the greatest improvement in performance).

Q: does the kit have any significant impact on fuel economy?
A: The kit would not have a significant difference to the fuel economy riding in a like for like situation, but of course if you ride quicker as a result of fitting the upgrades, the economy is going to be effected.

Q: does it have any effect on fuel requirement (e.g., higher octane)?
A: Here in the UK, we run the bikes with this setup on the standard pump fuel and there is no need to use the premium fuel.
After receiving those assurances, and watching a cam-replacement video (from a competitor, sorry) to verify I could do the swap (I've done cam R&R on DOHC Japanese bikes and Harleys, but never on an SOHC motor; it appears to be pretty easy), I went ahead and placed my order. So we shall see how it all goes... in a few months, when the garage warms up enough to work on motorcycles.
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