How are you setting up your Himalayan


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What I like about the Himalayan is the fact that the bike comes with a lot of standard equipment that most other bikes would need added like: luggage rack, center stand, skid plate, windshield etc.

I know this is a personal thing but I was wondering what everyone thinks are the basic mods that the bike needs to be usable as an all around adventure bike.

If possible please include manufacturer and or part number and where to buy.

Are folks replacing any of the standard equipment? Foot pegs, windshield, racks, tires, spark plugs, brakes, skid plates, etc?



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San Diego
Gas and tires.
Many people find replacing the plug with Iridium works well for them.
I installed heated grips and off-road GPS.
The tank rack mounted gas cans are also popular, and a pretty good deal at $50 a set.

I recently put on some Dunlop D605, but so far not impressed with the mileage. I'll go back to MT-60 or use Trailmax mission like on my Tiger.


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NY State
OEM Panniers and racks
GIVI engine guards
GPS mount
12 v / USB outlet
Battery Tender pigtail
Yuasa YTX9-BS AGM Battery
Nelson Rigg tank bag


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Pannier rack; Givi engine guards; Acerbis hand guards; SBS HF 661 brake pads (front); heel guard; phone mount under construction. And USB outlet as well.
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Charlotte, NC
OEM rack
Moose Racing Expedition Adv panniers (small) with Coyote Trips mounting hardware, and the lock set from wunderlichamerica.
OEM engine guard
JPG Racing hand guards (Amazon)
Motocaan headlight grill, mudguard risers, rear brake cylinder guard, oil reserve guard and exhaust guard (Motocaan in India)
Battery tender pigtail, tender and USB outlet (Amazon)
Seat Concepts tall comfort kit (but haven't installed yet, using cushion I swap in/out with my vehicle)
The NGK iridium spark plug (yes, warms up faster, no stalls since install) (Amazon)
GPS phone stand and spare parts (Royal Spares on eBay)
Givi tank bag
Lomo tank guard bags (Lomo in UK, super fast shipping at a good price)
Clip on windshield extension (Amazon)
3M reflective waterproof accents (mainly for the panniers) (Amazon)
Liqui-Moly gear oil for chain lube and ACF for lube/corrosion protection elsewhere [do NOT get anywhere near the disc brakes] (Amazon)
BT-S2 helmet Bluetooth to match what my riding buddies use (Amazon)
Pit Posse motorcycle-specific tire repair kit to complement the Slime kit (I am also a cyclist, as in pedal pusher, but not an obnoxious 'cycleliste') (Amazon)
Dr.Roc Tire Spoons because my bicycle specific plastical levers huddled in fear when the Himma rolled into the garage (Amazon)
Motorcycle kickstand pad support - best bang for the few bucks (Amazon)
just pulled the rubber insert for the footpegs, working well enough so far.

oh, Ear Peace earplugs which are awesome, 'musician' specific ear plugs (with the attentuator) probably the same and just a tad less spendy, but these things work and are comfortable. (Ear Peace)

Roy Gavin

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Normally a upmarket shock gives as good a bang for the buck as most other bling, but the stock item is surprisingly capable, and the suspension balance so well set that even when/ if it is time for a replacement you will have to go well up market to get better . DAHIK. Read Ohlins!
I am on my second Kappa 18 L tank bag, on both the zip has worn through where my gut rubs against it ,within a couple of months .
First one was replaced under warranty, with second I just put everything in a helmet bag and dont zip the end full across.
I farted around with cheap mirror extenders and stock mirrors , if I was starting over I would drill and recoil the LH thread to RH and have a better choice of mirrors.
For the 80 km/hr back lane / graded track meandering I do one tooth of the front sprocket works well, if you bought the bike to cruise the interstate at 140 one more might be better.
Luggage, I have a $ US 40- version of a Giant loop on the rear seat which takes my old lightweight backpacking camp gear fine, only thing the stock rack will reliably support without bracing is a down sleeping bag and maybe a towel and a pair of jocks, if you plan on extended off road riding.
Pads should be HH sintered, but some 2020 bikes seem to have uprated pads fitted, so don't rush before you have bedded in the OEM.
I fitted a foam Unifilter as with the dust around here a cleanable filter is almost essential, suitable part number is somewhere on the ADV site , not specific to the Hima.
Iridium plug should be first thing you do! Then the best magnetic sump plug you can find!
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I added some cheap panniers to the racks utilizing zip ties and plastic dowels. One bag has a zipper under the flap which is nice. The other doesn't and needs an extra strap to keep it from puckering open. Not bad for under $20.


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I added the Seat Concepts seat to my bike today and it made a real difference. I don't feel like I am stuck in one position. I can move forward and backwards with ease. It's wider too! I'm 6'2" with a 32 inch inseam and can still flat foot.20200501_124803.jpg20200501_124816(0).jpg


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@TN-twowheeladdict: Is the right hand side bag not touching the muffler?
I got some Lomo bags and the right hand one is just an inch away from the muffler and I am afraid that if the thing got too hot it might damage the bag. Trying to make an addition to the rack (I got the same as you have I think) to keep it away.
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