Hunter On The Prowl In NYC

JR Hunter

Getting there...
Long Island City
Being a native NYer, I originally bought this bike for the purpose of riding something to get me around town easily and in style. So yesterday I toured some of Manhattan & tried to get some of the more iconic sights for you all. Hope you enjoy them. Took about 38 miles of city riding over the course of 3 hours on local roads, expressways, highways, and back alleys over cobblestones. I love this bike!



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As a ex city yorker, I appreciate the pics. took the kids when they were young to the intrepid museum. Isn't that Grant's tomb on riverside drive? went there many eons ago. live upstate now. occasionally head into the city to visit family. the only thing I miss is the food. upstate you can always find parking. If you survive city riding a bike, riding anywhere else is a piece of cake. nice bike. be careful on cobblestones when they're wet. very slippery.


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Sweet bike. Nice pics, but what did you do, photoshop out all the people? I was born in North Jersey and worked in Manhattan for 15 years, and I've never seen the streets so empty! :D


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North Essex
Great pictures thank you for sharing . It's been many years since I visited New York let alone America.

Also nice to see a clean bike in dry weather I covered mine in so much Putoline race grease on all fixtures & fittings I was expecting it to burst into flames :LOL:
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