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For the USA guys -
Do any of the "TV Commercial" carriers insure these fairly cheaply? I have to finance mine - so....
Also will they insure under a PERMIT but not a LICENSE?

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Christina, it depends on the carrier. For instance, I have USAA, and they won't insure a bike unless the rider has had a motorcycle endorsement for a minimum of three years. Statistically, a new rider is more likely to be involved in an incident that will cause damage to the bike, like a crash or a drop.
For a financed bike, the bank will most likely require comprehensive and collision damage coverage to protect the bike as an asset. This will cost more than bargain-basement liability-only insurance.

I did carry insurance for the first few years I rode through a company called Dairyland... just checked, and they're still in business if you want to check them out:

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We had this discussion on the BMW forum and Progressive was the agreed popular choice. I have my cars and motorcycles with Progressive and saved a lot from when I had Geico.

Between me and my wife we already had three bikes insured with them, (sold one) and it was peanuts to add the Meteor.


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USAA doesn't do motorcycles in my state, so they third-party it off to Progressive. Having had Progressive for many years back in the 20th century I had no problem going back to them.

Between terms with Progressive I used Geico as they gave me great rates on a wide variety of vehicles. Never needed their help, but the payments were low.
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