Let's see those bells!


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I always thought the bell idea started as a Harley tradition. I've ridden bikes my entire life and never received my first "gifted bell" until I bought a 1974 Ironhead. Before that, my Japanese bikes never needed to worry about Road Gremlins. They just ran. They leaked, but they always ran.
The bell must have worked. I had great luck with that HD. My brother in law still rides it.

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I have to be honest, I was tempted to post one of those "bull balls" hanging at the rear of a bike... but some may find that imprudent.
Yes, yes, like the red neck's pickups and stuff.
They look like bells though.
Now it's in your mind and you can't un see it.
Gave our old warehouse manager a pair of Bull Balls as a gag gift when he bought a new truck. He was actually so honored that he stopped working and immediately put them on his truck. He was very happy until one day, a few months later, when he seemed very sad. I asked him what was wrong, and he said "Look at my truck!"
They had been stolen. We all chipped in and bought him a new pair. He actually cried.


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I put my Welsh dragon on the bike when I went down to Patagonia in April, but not as a good luck charm, which I don't believe in, but due to the Welsh heritage and founders of Madryn.
I didn't leave it on the bike either, because it would probably get nicked!


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Laserman, I was not making snide comments about your country but apologise if I offended you. Since this has gone beyond civility I shall leave it there.
No worries mate and I was perhaps jumpy and getting defensive. Alas I have had too many internet fights since '93 and I may have ranted where none was needed. Some may call it "borrowing" trouble heh

I never really took offense, but sorry for acting froggy. ✌

P.S. if you want to internet fight tho, I'm at least four kinds of huckleberry and got good credit! XD lol jk bro *awkward fist bump



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I've been hesitant to tell this story. It sure isn't a happy one, and thinking of the event brings feelings I can't really understand or explain. But here it is.

2 months ago I was riding in a deer infested area and hit one. An unhealthy looking spike buck sprinted across the road from the left, with his head down. When impact came, my left fist and the handlebar it was holding hit him in the jaw muscle at a whopping 40 miles an hour.

My clip on spun on the fork tube, since I'd cut out the ridiculous pins RE had seen fit to lock them in place with. The bar end mirror spun around the bar and left a slight bruise on my forearm. The clutch lever slammed shut on one of my knuckles and left a small bruise.

I don't remember having to try to keep the bike upright, just that I couldn't possibly turn left with the left bar now nearly touching the tank while going straight. I stopped at the first safe turn off a quarter mile down the road. There I collected myself, checked myself and the bike over, and got an allen wrench out to straighten the bar and mirror.

Starting back to go home, I was thinking THAT deer is going to think about running in traffic every time he chews for the next week. I'd socked him right in the jaw muscle!

Wrong. He was as dead as dead gets, looked like he just rag dolled right off the pavement and never moved again.

Neither my luck nor the deer's seem believable. To me at least. Guess I should be glad he wasn't wearing one of these.


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I don't claim to know whether whistles work, but I intend to get some anyway.

The one thing you can definitely do is avoid the road around dusk. Not always possible, I know.
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