Lone Rider bags


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I have a Saddleman bag similair to the Long Ride Overlander but it has a notch cutout in the middle for the seat. It fits my Classic 350 perfectly and has held up pretty good so far. Used it may 20-30 times. Used it a few times on my Bonneville too for going upstate on weekends ;)


Well travelled
LoneRider bags are considered semi-soft bags ... they have stiffening panels in all sides to keep them in shape when empty. See this video...

The drawback is that LR doesn't make a quick-disconnect system that works with RE racks, or their own racks for RE, so they are somewhat permanently attached.

MoskoMoto bags are soft, but have a quick-disconnect system that works with RE racks. I went with MoskoMoto for that reason alone.
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