Los Angeles CA riders


Getting there...
Long Beach, CA
Thread over a year old. I was going to ask the same thing. I drive through Angeles Crest on some weekends. Now that it is getting summer, pandemic over for the most part and gas is higher than snoop dog, I imagine we will see a lot more riders, not sure how many will be on Himmys though


Finally made it
Rosamond, CA
Late to the party too but just bought a Himalayan from Pro Italia in Glendale and I live in the AV so please let me know about any rides planned. A buddy and I are planning a spring ride up the 14 to camp at Alabama Hills by Lone Pine, then Big Pine to off-road to Saline Warm Springs and camp, then to Darwin Falls for a hike but spend the night at the Panamint Springs Lodge, hit Bartlett mines then camp at Trona Pinnacles, head back via “The Joint” in Randsberg and then head home via dirt Mojave-Randsberg dirt road to Cal City then disperse to home.
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