Moab, Utah from Eastern Arizona in May


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So in March I will be semi-retiring from 23+ yrs in the semi-conductor industry to the White Mountains of Arizona. In May with no set dates yet will going to Moab on the Himalayan. The wife will probably drive a chase truck with a trailer of Kayaks to play in the Colorado River with. Have found a neat hotel called the Apache hotel to stay as a home base to explore the great Moab area. Anyone out there that might be interested to go, go ahead and PM me and we can discuss further details. Also the iconic road from Forest Gump is along the route and would be a great experience on the Ol' Himmy.


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I off roaded Moab twice about 15 years ago on a KLR 650. Alone. Probably not the best idea. Plan carefully. It's a very unforgiving place. But it's some of the best off roading in the U.S. The visitor center has a lot of books and some great maps. A cell phone is useless. Humidity is 1-2%. You need a lot of water. In an hour on a bike, you could be 2 days walk out if you have trouble. Let people know the exact trail you are going on, and stick with it. You may already know these things, but other people may not. Plan carefully. You will love it. By the way- you can go days without seeing anyone.


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Keep in mind it'll be hot in May, especially towards the end of the month.

Ride in the morning, kayak in the afternoon. :)


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Me and my riding buddy Ron might be joining you for a part of your Moab trip. I'm familar with the area from family and solo trips as well as a cycle exploration a few years back. Particularly want to ride to Grandview Point and Dead Horse Point as I missed these last time as well as looping up though Arches NP. A ride up the Colorado River to the junction with the Dolores River and possibly the loop over the La Sals (if the road is open) would be nice.

Even stayed as a kid at the Apache Motel some 60+ years ago, probably when it new.

Presume you have read Desert Solitaire by Edward Abbey on his year as ranger in Arches. He has several chapters on Canyonlands that may of interest. Photos are near Gateway, CO, along the Dolores River, to the east of Moab.

I'm in Tempe, AZ, btw, and ride an Int650. Will be in touch.


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