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I don't mind the conversations in a thread drifting. That's what happens in a conversation. But some of the sections are getting confusing. If the Classics section was meant for discussions of original British models, it's been taken over by the Classic Reborn. The Garage seems to be morphing into a maintenance section.

Although I've pretty much given up on the Other forum due to all the sniping, I think it has the better layout. Conti singles separate from the twins. Conti twins and interceptors together. The pre-unit Bullets and UCEs separate.

If it's the same basic bike except for a few cosmetic differences, comments made about one model will likely apply to the others. It seems unnecessary for all the different sections.

i do agree, though, that the Super Meteor is a breed apart.

Yorkshire Steve

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Exactly the SM650 is a totally different bike to the interceptor and Conti apart from engine. It handles different etc etc and certainly ain’t no meteor 350 so it deserves its own section
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