My fist real accident on two wheels.

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Northern Ireland
I used to ride a Norton Commando 850 Interstate. And it is near the top on the list of bikes I have had over the years. I was in the RAF at the time and based in Northern Ireland. I had been down to Kent and had spent some time with my grand parents then decided to go up to Redcar in N Yorkshire to visit my Parents and youngest brother. After a week I had to make tracks to get up to Stranrear to catch the ferry to Larne. Steady uneventful ride to the ferry port and got booked onto the ferry. I managed to get a bit of kip and woke up as the ferry was docking in Larne harbour. The purser on the ship had pre warned the police that I was leaving the ferry and was waved through by the police. No probs there. Climbing out of Larne there was only one petrol station open just before the duel carriageway (it was 10 pm at night) so I topped off the tank and got onto the carriageway. Getting up to about 60/65 I climbed up the hill to the outskirts of Larne onto the flat part of the road. Way in the distance there were the taillights of two cars, there is a right hand turn to Ballymena (over the mountains) that you access via the central reservation. I am closing fast and I suddenly realised the rear car is right up the rear of the front car and braking hard, he started to turn right to get to the turn realising he had left it to late. By then I was braking hard with the back wheel slithering side to side (no ABS then). The car stopped half way across the turn then decided to pull completely across the lane, and stop again. That's when everything went into slow motion. I remember watching my front wheel hit his side pillar just behind the driver, the bike swung left and just before it broadsided the car I lifted my leg thankfully not trapping my leg and was launched over the top of the car to fly between the posts that had the direction sign on. Landed across the grass tumbling somehow lost my helmet and came to a stop upside down wandering what the crunching sound was, I looked to the right to see my bike upside down alongside me about to topple onto me, somehow I got my leg up and pushed it away from me. Then I realised I was covered in petrol. The interstate tank could hold 5 gallons and I was crapping myself, somebody appeared next to me and all I can remember was shouting her rid of the battery then everything went blank. I woke up the next day with my legs in traction having broken both kneecaps, a massive bruise on my hip and sprained wrists. The police took a statement and then arrested the driver of the car for careless driving. The police told me that I had been braking hard the full length of the slip lane and after hitting the car I had been flung about 130ft down the central reservation followed by the bike. how I survived I don't know.

Damage to the bike came to around £500 and I was off sick for around 2 months. The final irony was that the driver that caused the accident paid for the damage to the bike (his car was a write-off) then bogged off to America so he was never taken to court. This is one of those incidents that are burned into your brain but it has also fascinated me that everything went into slow motion and I can recall every single second of the crash. It must be the Adrenalin in your system.

Anyone with a similar experience???????PICT0112.JPGPICT0113.JPG


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That's fantastic recollection and narration. 👍
Great detail in your description of the scenes. It was like reading a good book.
Have you thought about writing a book? Maybe you already have. 🙂


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I've had a few over my lifetime......there's a saying "there are two kinds of riders, those that have crashed and those that are going to crash"
My most memorable crash.....I was working on my VW Beetle and had to make a parts run so I hopped on my 1982 650 Seca.
Getting on the freeway there was a 180* on ramp/off ramp divided by a narrow concrete
median (two lanes on either side), getting on
I take the inside lane to get ahead of a slower moving car, as I came right about next to it, a kid in a brand new Pontiac Trans Am is coming off the freeway, way too fast, loses control, jumps the median, hits the car next to me , which hits me, sending me over the inside curb, into the air and landing on my back in the Ivy, just narrowly missing an upright sprinkler that would have surely impaled me and no doubt would've killed me.
I remember everything going in slow motion and only seeing sky as I landed then, I sat up, made sure everything still worked (hands and feet) and got up unscathed.
The kid didn't even get a citation but, I lost my licence for a year because my insurance had lapsed!
However, I was able to ride my bike back home, relitively undamaged.....somebody was looking over me that day!


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South Wales
When I was a teenager, more years ago than many of you were born, I was riding a Lambretta Li 150 motor scooter.

While I was riding up a one-way, narrow street, I T-boned a delivery van that came out of a side turning without stopping. Apparently I flew completely over the top of the van hitting the road head and shoulder first. (I don’t remember this, witness reports only).

My helmet was split front back and my Parka, (no proper protective clothing in those days), was worn through at the elbows and hips.

I came around lying on a settee in the house of someone who had seen the collision. (Once again, no training in keeping an accident victim stationary).

The police were there and started to take statements. They asked my name and then asked me to describe what had happened. I told them all that I could remember.

They then turned to the van driver and said “Now then Bob, what do you say happened “. I could only think sh1t, the driver is a friend of the policeman, I’m in trouble.

However, the driver told the truth, that he had not seen me and had pulled across my path.

A deal was agreed that the police would not prosecute the driver if his company paid for a full rebuild of my scooter. (No “no win, no fee” solicitors in those days). My scooter came back like new, much better than before the accident.

I was fortunate, especially considering the lack of good protective clothing in that I only had a few bruises.
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