New blanket 20mph speed limit in Wales


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You may, or may not be aware, but on 17th September 2023, a new mandatory 20mph speed limit will be introduced across Wales, to replace any existing 30mph limit. This is by courtesy of the Welsh Government. So if you are travelling into Wales after this date, to take advantage of our stunning roads and scenery, you need to take care. Personally, I will be heading in the opposite direction into England (we’ll until it’s introduced there as well) 😟


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Yes and it's the pits, thankfully i can get around most but not all 20mph restrictions in N.Wales so lots to still enjoy, it will come to England before long.


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I don't have an issue with 20mph on housing estates, or roads on which schools are located. However to just put a blanket limit of 20mph in what were 30mph limits seems overkill. I can think of several sparsely populated roads near where I live that have a 30mph limit and they feel too slow given the road conditions.
Several years ago I worked in Traffic management and accident prevention for a short time, believe me politicians are a wee bit deaf to common sense suggestions if it means they can placate vociferous minority lobbyists.


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Didn't the speed limit used to be above 30mph, and it was lowered down to 30mph a few years ago? Or am I thinking of some other place in the UK?

Alan F.

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I took a look in Google maps, Wrexham to Swansea is 132 miles, right now they show 3hrs 13min which calculates to 41mph, at 20mph the trip could take 6hrs 36min.

Does WTF have the same meaning in the UK as in the States?


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I took a look in Google maps, Wrexham to Swansea is 132 miles, right now they show 3hrs 13min which calculates to 41mph, at 20mph the trip could take 6hrs 36min.
The 20mph limit will not apply over much of that 132miles. 30mph limits are in urban areas, and it is these, not existing 40, 50, and 60 mph limits that will be replaced.
"It is not a blanket speed limit
Currently 30mph is the default speed limit for streets with street lighting, but there are variations to that limit marked by signs on the road. In the same way, under the new 20mph legislation, local councils can use their local knowledge to retain a 30mph limit where there is a case for doing so. These 30mph roads will be marked by signs in the same way that variations from the current default speed limit are used."

Link to "Seven things you may not know about Wales’ new 20mph default speed limit"

That being said, I do feel that this is a further attempt to bore us off the roads. Some places already, we have pedal cycles and e-scooters (neither of which require license or insurance) travelling faster than ICE traffic.

In England 100 miles is a long way.
150 to 200 miles is my typical ride-out. Not worth gearing up for anything less.


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UK is definitely MPH - as in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
Yes WTF does mean the same over here.

Lots of cities are introducing low emissions zones to improve air quality, anyone thought about the degradation of air quality as vehicles spend longer in the zone as they are traveling slower and are possibly further from the more efficient engine speed therefore producing more CO2.
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