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ALL the current models' Owners Manuals (all regions) are available on

Click on the top right flag icon to go to your own particular region, then click on the bike's you want.
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RE spat the dummy a few years back and removed as many manuals as they could from the net.
But they will not sell you them either, which is probably illegal in a few places.
And Heynes has given up on bikes, so we are left wanting.
Parts lists 2018 on are on Hitchcocks site, for workshop manual you might be dependant on the goodwill of an inmate who downloaded them when they were availible.
I have the manual for the 17 carbed bikes , but have no idea how it differs from the latter one.


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Why doesn't Haynes make a manual yet?.....this is a very popular bike in U.K I believe. I know they have gone to the .pdf format but I really like the Haynes approach to the strip and rebuild. The factory book is an assembly manual for the production line worker and the servicing agent.
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