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RE have made improvements to quite a few parts since 2018, often without changing the part number.
Like fitting better quality friction material to the clutch plates,
So when you see an item cheap on some Indian site it is not always possible to know if it is old stock of the troublesome part, or the new improved version.
Neither of this states RE dealers have much in the way of stock and take four or five days to get it in, and have ,err, ambitious, pricing so it is usually just as easy to order from Hitchcock
And I would rather try to keep H --- in business than one of these dealers!
I read somewhere that RE do not supply Hitchcocks with their parts, and they have to source them from a Indian dealer, so perhaps RE are cutting off supply to that dealer too!


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Where can I buy replacement parts for a 2020 Himalayan? I look on Hitchcock's, and look at the diagrams for specific parts, but they all say out of stock.

I'll second Hitchcocks especially for their online parts manual, though they don't stall everything, they were the first to get the parts reference available and online for the Euro5 based models and once you know the part number and what Royal Enfield actually call the part the job is much easier. I'm thinking of trafficators specifically as I write this. :) Seconding as it also has a great site especially if you know your part number, though I haven't actually needed to purchase a part I didn't find elsewhere.
If you can wait some time for delivery, usually about a week or week and half (as low as 3 days somehow), on eBay there are a couple parts places which specialize in Royal Enfield and provide new parts. I have yet to get old stock or stock different than what's on my bike except for the time I intentionally purchased a component only available in India for an experiment. So on eBay, Autostreek and RoyalEnfieldKing have been reliable and had very good prices.
Depending on the part like turn lights might only be available in the US which means the dealers and the only online parts guy for Royal Enfield items I can find, . It seems like dealers are better and do like dealers do, they keep parts in stock as they become more in demand, so trying the local dealers is good choice and there might be multiple in your area if your in a big metro. Western Cycle Supply won't have everything, but he does carry more than I expected though you will probably have to call to see if he what you need. His customer service is excellent in my experience and I've seen him mentioned multiple times for the same reason. Good luck!


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Seconding as it also has a great site especially if you know your part number, though I haven't actually needed to purchase a part I didn't find elsewhere.
NOT SAYING that there is anything bad about that site, indeed its a very useful resource.
Just be aware that you are NOT necessarily buying from them when you place your order.

Read their Terms and Conditions.T+Cs.jpg DEALER NETWORK.jpg
Your actual contract will be with..whoever your order goes to.

They have identical software for multiple brands....
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