Ridgerider 2 Sydney to Melbourne 1-6 May 2022


Finally made it
I'm jumping in the deep end and have signed up for this ride Ridgerider 2

I live on the Gold Coast so my trip will start with a 1000km dash down to Sydney on 29 and 30 March to be in Sydney for the start of the ride on Sunday 1 May. The ride ends in Melbourne and I've allowed myself 3 days to travel the 1700km home before returning to work on Wednesday 11.
During the ride itself there's a luggage truck but I'll have to transport everything down to Sydney and back from Melbourne on my Himi so any hints or hacks would be appreciated. I'll be camping so the tent, mattress, sleeping bag, chair have to be added in too. It has also occurred to me that it will be May and so cold, needing layers of warm clothing to live/sleep in. Meals are either provided or can be bought so I won't need the full kitchen but the basic coffee making kit (Aeropress) is always necessary.
I'm starting to scare myself! Stats please? The payload limit is 210kg so I do have 130kg to play with.. Relief
I do hope that somewhere in the throng of 200 bikes there'll be other Himalayans. Anyone on here going?


Well travelled
Should be easily achievable. I will be doing a 5-day ride/camp in June myself, but I always motorcycle camp, bringing the kitchen with me. The secret is to pack small. Think backpacking. I have a camping back pack, made for motorcycle and straps to the sissy bar of my Vulcan, but can strap to anything. In there, I bring my kitchen, which consists of a folding butane stove and a folding sterno-type stove. I have an 8-cup percolator and a boy scouts mess kit. That's the entire kitchen and works well. I pre-measure the coffee in snack bags and stuff that in the coffee pot so I don't have to measure it out. I can just dump and brew. I also carry a couple of small folding water bladders that hold 20-ounces of water each. I carry a fleece blanket that rolls small and tight, and a twin inflatable mattress with external pump. A flashlight, waterproof matches, and other small items. The tent is a small pup tent, or any small 2-person tent will work, as long as it rolls small and the bars break down small enough. And, I use an armless folding chair. I can usually pack that and strap it all to the back seat. In the saddle-bags, or in this case, the panniers, will be a change of clothes (socks and underwear change daily, but can use the same jeans for most of the trip, so I pack one extra pair, and two T-shirts and a flannel). And groceries in the other pannier. That's about it. Everything fits, it's small, light and I can still ride comfortably like nothing is on the bike. I don't have any pictures of the Himalayan packed like that, but have these from my old 1996 Virago 1100 from about 6 or 7 years ago. I use the same setup on the Vulcan, and will use the same on the Himalayan:


Hope this helps a little. I guess, at the end of the day, the point is to pack small, and just bring the necessary stuff.



Finally made it
Hi Dan
thanks for the advice, I did a fair bit of hiking and camping in my youth as a Scout, we’d go away for a week carrying everything we needed quite comfortably. Getting back to basics is harder because I’ve grown used to camping with a caravan. It is going to be great though.
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