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That's nice that you have 50 states coverage. but will you have to wait long before they find a company willing to tow your bike. base on my past experience with Geico trying to get the bike towed, twice, I was standing on the roadside for over two hours. and one of those times, I eventually had them contact the shop where I purchased the bike and they sent a van to pick me up. hoping you have a safe trip next week, and that you won't need to test your AAA policy.
I have not tested the theory but as previously mentioned, I have similar AAA coverage to BKSCRAMbler on the belief they will come. When I bought it, AAA said just be sure I specify which vehicle I am calling for, truck or mc. I'm more comfortable with the AAA than anything else as it is what they do. Edited add: they also give roadside assistance if I am on my bicycle apparently.
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Think about it guys.... it seems simple as pie to pick up a m/c on a tow truck.... so you think it's a no brainer.... not really.

Only a flat-bed tow truck can easily pick up and move a bike, and given the extra expense of a flat-bed vs. a sling-type, most towing companies are not going to be jumping at the chance to compete.

Yes, it's worth the extra money for AAA m/c coverage!


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I had the same thing in Newcastle Aus, and they tried to say that I only had a 25klm delivery area where in fact its a 50klm area. The bike is great but the company's in Australia leave a lot to be desired.
Yes I have had poor service from Royal Enfield in Australia also. Brisons in Newcastle are particularly appaling as they charge like wounded bulls for a minor service. AND everything needs to be done ‘when they’re ready’! it’s like you have to get down on your hands and knees for them. ALSO I had an intermittent (non) starting problem with my Classic and was so unreliable I just couldn’t take a chance to ride it. So I wrote of my intention to get repairs done under warranty, twice, with both times the response being “we’ll get back to you“.6 months passed (am I starting to sound bitter😬), oh yes, 6 months passed and nothing from them and in that time I spent around $1800.00 in an attempt to get it fixed. In the end my mate fitted 2 new upgraded relays from Hitchcocks and I’ve never looked back. Wait there’s more. I decide I was bitter enough to get in touch with the CEO And Sales in India. About a week after sending the letters I received an email from Royal Enfield Australia suggesting that I might like to take my bike to Brisons Newcastle for repair. Because they believe in customer service and I am a valued customer🤯🤯😂 Seems RE Australia might have been given some lip service from the honchos in Chennai. Now in saying all this I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY CLASSIC!! Geez I feel almost as good as when I wrote to RE India!
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