Royal Enfield 01.09.2023


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I hope so ! Just saw this on Youtube. I have a feeling it'll be watercooled and based on the new Himalayan engine.
However a 500cc J engine would have me running down to the shops for one.


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Looks pretty to me. We forget the export market is still minimal for RE and so their prime focus is domestic. I know the bike or bikes I hope they make but realistically, they are not making a bike for me. So, I just feel blessed they have several I do like from the current stable. And part of me also hopes they don't try to be all things to all people and move too far from what I will long find endearing about the brand.


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"Maybe Im too stoopid to understand"

I thought the same for me, so I did some digging. From what I've read, there's subtle ergonomic and accessory changes, with the Bullet being the more basic of the two. Aesthetically, I think the Classic has a more "British retro" look with the Bullet being more "Indian retro," and that may be the biggest difference.

- Classic has a larger rear brake (270mm vs 153mm) according to one site, but another says both have 153mm.
- Classic has a higher ground clearance (170mm vs 160mm)
- Bullet has a "stand alarm" while the Classic has some indicators the Bullet doesn't: low oil, low battery, and a clock.
- Bullet has a pillion grabrail and seat as standard, and the Bullet's seat is reportedly comfier than the Classic's
- Bullet has taller handlebars
- Wheelbase is the same, but the Bullet is a little shorter in length (different fenders)
- Bullet doesn't have things like the tripper, a passing flick switch, etc.
- The starting Bullet price is about 10% cheaper than the Classic in India
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