Scram 411 1000 Mile Review


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Hit a grand today. Thought I'd toss in some input.

One, my 2023 Scram 411 isn't stock anymore, though it was to the 300 mile service. I've done for engine mods:
DNA Filter Kit
Delkevic header (no cat)
PoweRage Slip-on
Fuel-X Lite
Iridium plug
40 tooth rear sprocket (stock is 38)

Other mods include:
Fly screen
LED blinkers
LED headlight
Adjustable levers
Homemade Tail Tidy (thanks to a member here)
Tons of stick-on insulation all over the place
Grip Puppies
Tail bag
Mini-horn (the stocker was like Whole Lotta Rosie)
All the normal RE covers for the rear caliper, etc.....
Probably more crap I can't recall at the moment

The bike has noticeably relaxed over the miles. The 40 tooth sprocket really helped, especially in quickness and that big jump between 1st and 2nd. The power, with the mods, has especially become more useful after mid-range. That damn funny rattle is still there, but either I'm adjusting, or it's lessening.

On the road, the bike is an absolute hoot. I'm in love. I thought after my modded DRZ, I'd have a real issue adjusting to far less power, but the Scram is the exact case of "It's more fun to ride a slow bike fast, than a fast bike slow".

This bike, even with the stock CEAT's, corners AMAZINGLY. I live in steep Canyonland. I'm dragging the toes of my shoes constantly, and the bike goes all the way to the Chicken Strips, completely predictably. I will say, it needs a quicker throttle. Like a 1/4 turn. Because of the power curve of the 411 single, you have to be heavy handed with it with the right hand, especially compared to my DRZ or my Interceptor. It's all good though. Just an adjustment.

On the open highway (which we have little of here) I took her out today, with the new gearing on our local HWY88 (two lane, mountain road), and I held 75 for about 4 miles. For a little bike, it was incredibly stable. Surprisingly so. I was completely relaxed, no white-knuckling. I guess I can blame that on the Harris Performance frame and 19" front wheel?

Gravel roads.....which we have a boatload. The bike settles in just fine, even in the thick stuff. Once again, the CEAT's did just fine. Depending on how long they last, I may not switch to my favorite Shinko 705's. We'll see.

It's one of the only seats I haven't wanted to immediately change. I did about 80 miles today and didn't get off with Monkey Butt.

In short, even with the other bikes in the herd, I do not regret this purchase for one second. Between both my RE's, they are now my "go to" bikes, and the Scram tops the list for most of my daily adventures. It's just so "tossable" and forgiving. Flicky, yet never presents me anything unexpected. Mr. Lal seemed to nail it. I get continuous compliments everywhere I go with it. That's not bad either. :giggle:



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Nice! Just wait til you get some real tires on it, and yes, Shinko 705 will do very well. That was the first tire I went to after wearing out my CEATs.

My experience running the CEATs to death was they are adequate until they get a few thousand miles on them - they wear badly with long highway use - making the 705s feel quite exceptional in comparison.
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