Scram 411 RE Incentive Promo Deal


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Anyone else take this offer when they bought new?
The jacket, gloves, small engine guards, and hand protectors???

Bought my bike a while back and still waiting on the delivery. I contacted my dealer and they said the following:

"The Royal Enfield promotions will be auto-shipped to the dealer at the END of the program according to Royal Enfield. We do not have a current ETA for these orders."

Anyone have any input on this? Receive your goodies yet?


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Got my Scram in March, dealer pretty much said the same thing, its not up to them its just a matter of when RE sends it and it gets to them. Didn't get my accessories until around May. Sold the jacket since I already have one, and I've heard the engine guards are kind of a pain to install so haven't done that yet. The hand guards seem well made, and the gloves are pretty lightweight but nice to have as well. Not complaining though, since selling the jacket basically earned me some cash to put towards other stuff for the bike.
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