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hi everyone,

I am considering doing the ride down from the US, to the south of Argentina next year. In considering a new bike for this trip , the Himalayan is near the top of my list . The main reasons being lack of fancy electronic features and relatively light weight (compared to the middle weight ADV bikes which all seem to be over 500lb). The Yamaha Tenere 700 is tempting but I think it will be too tall for me. The Himalayan seems like a nice, friendly ride. My current bike is one of the older BMW GS twins. While I love her to pieces, there is no way I'm taking a high-mileage BMW on this trip and the newer models are just too huge and complicated for my taste.

Another big plus in my research is that RE seems to have dealers all the way down from Mexico, Guatemala on down to Argentina. I also noticed that they announced they'd assemble bikes in Argentina, so that gives me hope that the brand has an established presence on the continent. However, I am curious if the dealers listed on RE's site for South America are thriving, functional business, unlike another bike I won't name whose list of dealers down south seems fictional.

I am fine with learning how to do routine stuff myself, but it would nice to know if I can at least order parts from somewhere close by in a pinch. Or have some routine work done when I'm feeling lazy/tired.

Sorry if this is the wrong forum to post, but the South America forum seems quite dead.



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You might try to see what Noraly (aka ItchyBoots) has to say through her FB or Instagram subs. She was down there from Oct 2019 until last March when Covid struck, and from her YouTube posts, she visited several RE dealers down there (Argentina and Bolivia if I recall correctly).

A little closer to home, my sister lives in Cuenca, Ecuador and reports that the RE dealer there is quite active. RE's are very popular in Ecuador due to the relatively low prices, and I imagine that's true throughout most of SA.

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