Standard 350, Missing Problem. Please Help

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Hello dear RE Family, I am really frustrated with my lovely RE missing issue as bcoz i have showed it to several mechanics and everyone failed in correcting that. Let me explain clearly what is the problem. I purchased it in Dec 2020 and she is like my GF. Till last 6 months everything was perfect. One day it was not starting i tried everything and finally called a local mechanic. He found it was bcoz carburetor and engine connection got disconnected so he fixed it and tightened with an L key. It started. But he also did his own carburetor tuning which i never suggested. But everything run smoothly. After one week problem started. So thing is My RE starts without any problem but if I run it for some time or for a long time and then i switch off it and try to start after some time then it won't start. I checked with him and he again tuned and kept high rpm still it happens. Also most days it will start with a low rpm for some seconds and then slowly catches the normal rpm. During that slow rpm time if i raise the accelerator, it will stop with an air pumping sound. Nowadays I found one more thing that whenever this happens if i raise accelerator a little bit and kick it, then it starts (kick backs also). I want my RE in the normal condition, kicking without accelerator, starting with normal RPM then smooth running. Also one additional thing, my RE stops if i pull the choke. This choke issue gets corrected after some long running. but on a fresh morning if i pull choke it will shut off. Please help. I almost showed it to more than 10 mechanics. Some said tuning issue, petrol lock issue, air lock issue, chock issue blah blah... But i really feel it is something with carburetor as bcoz that was the day it started and there is something tricky with rpm or throttle. Please help me.!


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Welcome and sorry for your troubles. Sounds like an older bike with a carb obviously.
What year, model and engine is it?

Did you check to make sure there is no water in the fuel ?
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