Trip Planning Suggestions and Mistakes

I thought having a thread dedicated to general trip planning suggestions, ideas, mistakes and recommendations would be helpful. Especially useful for those who haven't done any extensive travelling, camping etc.

Here is a vid that I found to have some good suggestions:


Getting there...
Northants, UK
I must admit that I didn't watch the films.

I use MyRouteApp and Trace Your Route Everywhere [TYRE] for planning. I lead a lot of rides and do solo pootles to check routes. For an event I am involved with I also use Google Maps to send out the route for those without full satnavs.

So, let's say that I plan a route along roads I don't know. One port of call can be the bike magazine route listings. I try to avoid anything in the current year as the glory boys and girls use these and sometimes ride like pillocks which can ruin it for everyone*. Then I look at a Google Maps based program/website. This is because you can swap to satellite mode and have a look at the roads.

Zooming in you can have a look at the width. White lines all the way mean two-way traffic passing comfortably whereas spotting a single car filling the whole road would have me lookg for an alternative route. Also look for traffic density as you may want to avoid the busy stuff.

Even with all of this in place you [or rather me] can come unstuck...

*there are exceptions to this for well-known bike haunts.
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