Unfortunately I have to sell my RE


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Belmont NC
Sad but true. It's a brand new 2023 RE Classic 350 with 200 miles on it. I added bags and a few other extras. What would be a fair asking price?
I'm in North Carolina.


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Durham, NC
Seven months ago I'd have scrapped my plans for the blackout and bought this instead, good luck selling it.

Sadly accessories don't usually add to the value of a vehicle unless they are exactly what the new owner wants as well. Looking for a comp online, most under 1000 mile 2023 Classic 350s have asking prices in the $4500 range with some examples as low as $3999 and as high as $4999. As a private seller to a local rider without having to field a ton of 'idiot calls' I'd personally be happy to get 4 grand out of the bike, would probably take a little less for a fast and friendly transaction. Depreciating vehicles are a bitch on the wallet, which is why I try to buy them as they start their upswing and become appreciating capital investments instead.

I wish I could make you an offer on it, but I already have a 2023 Classic 350 and if I start collecting one of every color my wife is going to get upset.
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