Vibration in handlebar grips


Getting there...
Super Meteor 650
Between 55mph and 65mph, after a few minutes I couldnt feel my fingers.
Seems worse on throttle side.
Anyone else experienced this?
Any remedy?
I thought maybe Grip Puppies
Any help/thoughts appreciated
Cheers 👍

Roy Gavin

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Grip Puppies will probably help a bit, but problem might just be you are simply holding on too tightly!
Other reasons might be that you don't quite fit the bike and are putting too much weight on your hands and wrists, or that the bend/ pullback on the bars just does not suit your wrists / hands, or that you are sensitive to the vibrations at the stated revs.
So start with the Puppies, than experiment, and hope for a few more suggestions on what has worked for others!

Roy Gavin

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Only experienced it once , and that was on a Honda VFR, probably the smoothest bike I ever rode so it wasn't excess vibration.
Had it from the first time I rode the bike, managed to get two sets of Cruiser/ grip puppies on , the increased diameter seemed to help as much as the softness.
I hollowed out the seat with a tempura ? pad so that I was sitting a bit lower with the back of the hollow holding me a bit further forward too.
Dropped the fork tubes a full 20mm through the triples which lightened up the steering and raised the bars the same amount, as they were "clip ons" which clamped to the fork tubes above the triple. Not usually recommended but the VFR had three rings on the fork tubes--!
And I probably just learned to relax a little when riding a bike with around three times as much power , a Zone of comfort around 60km higher and a top speed around 100 km faster than the one it replaced!


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My previously smooth Interceptor started leaving my hands numb. I thought it might be from switching to lower handlebars (more weight on my wrists). I even put the stock bars back on to test that theory.

I finally realized my chain had started kinking up, which had the same effect as the chain being too tight. That was causing the extra vibration. More slack in the chain reduced it. Replacing the chain eliminated it.

Hanging on too tight can certainly cause it. Fast rides down twisty roads have often left my hands numb.
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