What have you done to your Himalayan today (or yesterday, or this week ...)


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Looking at that poor bent brake lever, it sure would be easy to use an angle grinder, some flat stock, and a bolt and maybe a fender washer on the street-side to just throw an impromptu platform on that to make it easier to step on despite being bent like that.

I've been thinking about buying a spare Himmie brake and gear levers so I can add maybe 1.5-2" for my sasquatch feet. I kinda want to engineer a heel shift for the Himalayan that keeps it stand-up friendly too.
Yeah, they're only mild steel so would respond well to heat and coercion with a hammer, or a welder if you want other bits added.


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it's amazing the amount of talent and skills that I see on this site. thanks for the tips and ideas. now it's giving me the urge to see what I can do to my bike.


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Over the weekend:

[1] Adjusted the rear shock sag to the maximum load rating [had to use a screwdriver and hammer as my c-spanner for my bicycles wouldn't fit. Still did the job];

[2] Fitted a Quadlock mount for my Ulefone Power Armor 14 which will be my GPS. Still to wire it up for wireless charging and to test if the Quadlock Universal adaptor will hold or if it needs more serious glueing to the phone. The mounting is via a handlebar mount + motorcycle knuckle + waterproof wireless charging unit.

[3] Fitted a Tutoro Motorcycle Patrol Chain Oiler Kit. A lot of surface rust on the chain after 1,400 km so need to clean that up next weekend :(




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Not my day today. Just attempted to mount my newly arrived Donowyn Customs rear rack without any luck. Just cannot get it to align with the bike. This is frustrating as the rack design looks good, nice size and robust. I have touched base with Donowyn to see what the options are. It will just be the duck's nuts I think if I can get it fitted.



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Hey Aus, that's unfortunate. It seems from that guy Donowyn's website that he has an early Himalayan. Maybe some stuff for early Himalayans doesn't fit later ones properly. For example my eBay crashbars came with brackets that were a couple inches off in width. Maybe there are 2 different frame widths? Just a thought.


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is this guy making his own stuff? Those welds look like someone that's learning.
Donowyn Custom's response:

Like i said due to argon welding and heat it tends to go off a bit.

However, line up the inside slots with bolts, dont tighten then, then the outside one which is in line, place the bolt in it and finaly just pull the last one use a screwdriver for support if needed, it will fit in. Its Stainless steel hence a bit harder.

Trust me it will work.

If i could fit your rack on my Himalayan im sure it will fit in yours.
Funny how here in the West, where mining is so big, we can do welding without this happening ... 2.5 cm is not a bit.


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Ugh, Argon welding. That gas aint cheap anyway, I've used it for cutting titanium on laser.

Anyway, this week I did a couple little things to my bike. First, I had another aluminum Deadpool emblem that I wanted to mount over the "R" on the engine, like I did to the RHS some time ago. The LHS has 2 bolt holes and is an actual cover, so the emblem had to be modified. I took some measurements and drew it up, then sent it to the laser and cut it out of 20ga mild steel scrap:

DP template.jpg

Then I modified the emblem using the template. The emblem didn't turn out as well as I hoped, I may redo it and cut it on the laser itself. The emblem is stamped, painted aluminum less than 1mm thick, so it's tough to cut round bolt holes in it. After I mounted the emblem, I took off the saree guard to clean the rear of my bike up. It was looking busy since I installed the new racks.


Went up into the foothills today to visit "Uncle Indian" and took a few pictures of his Indian Chieftains. One is a painted custom and the other is a Jack Daniels. He's getting his bikes ready for some summertime riding!


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looks good. I guess as long as those welds hold up, you should be ok.
Big snots of stick welding, MIG, TIG, Bronze or even gas welding would be better!
Hitchcocks do a similar rack, have a look at the neat little welds welds on them for a comparison.
And it fits straight on too, no bending required.


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Heel Guard, GPS Mount, & Blackout Windscreen.

• Added a Heel Guard that I had in my BMW spares - its from a 2007 GSA..... Bolted right up just bend it out a bit.
• Haven't found a bar mount for the tripper versions yet so made a simple bracket to mount the Ram ball too. I'll try it out tomorrow and see how it goes.
• Backed out then screen - for the hell of it. LOL

Heel Guard.jpegBall Mount 1.jpegBall Mount 2.jpegBall Mount 3.jpegfront.jpeg
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