Finally made it
Got a chance to buy a 2009 bullet 500.
Its lived outside for the last 12 months or so but hasn't been ridden much going by the Gov't MOT website.
24'000 miles showing and pretty beat up by all appearances.
Odd mudguards ( front black , rear a faded blue). rusty drive chain, exhaust pipe etc showing some surface rust.
Paintwork generally sad. Etc Etc
Dont know if it will start yet but i guess there will be some other issues.
Not been able really have a good look at it yet coz of the rubbish weather.

Two questions please .
Best place for spares? Hitchcocks of course but anywhere else??
Second............. ANY idea what it would be worth in £20 notes ( cash in yer hand)????


PS, any advice as to what to look out for thats specific to 500 bullets ?


Well travelled
24000 miles. Lived outside.
Not saying anything you wouldn’t know…
Assume a partial Re-build of engine at a minimum.
Check Clutch plates/ spring ? overhaul,
Carby clean out,
Possible fork rebuild ( if not rear as well)
Check Tyres and if bad assume tubes too.
Check Wheel - trueing reqd ?
Then minor things like tank clean out and full frame check re grease and refit.
Assume electrical faults, coil, spark plug, battery.

Finally Optional cosmetic paint, seat cover, etc,

Price it all up for parts and decide how much you would pay for a bike in reasonable condition and decide if it’s worth it, if you are going to do the work (Labour).

PS I have had 3 bullets over the years.


Well travelled
For a not running G5 UCE 500 with 24k on it I wouldn’t pay over $500 US dollars. If it ran $800 US dollars. If it ran good &1,500 US dollars tops with all strait sheet metal, bodywork, handlebars, headlight, frame, forks, wheels and only if you are looking for a project.

As for spares you being in the UK Hitchcocks would be my first choice second eBay if you know what you are buying and only top rated sellers 98% and up for India dealers.
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