Whats Your Bike Called ...


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LOL, The sticker is actually English and made for GS group over there, the Dakar part of it is just that. I have them on my old GS and it's more of a curio thing really. I'm a Kiwi so it's fun to see reactions from Americans.
My Himalayan is named Bagheera, based on the black panther character in the story The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling. Seeing as the bike is from India and the Jungle Book takes place in India it made sense. My bike is black like the panther and like the character in the book he looks out for me and keeps me safe. My bike also likes to lounge in the forest, just like a panther. :):cool:


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I have two bikes at the moment.... no Enfields as yet but looking at Interceptor or Himalayan.

My BMW F800ST is called Black Bess (after Dick Turpin’s horse from the old TV series)

My BSA bantam doesn't have an official name but it probably thinks it’s called “Just start you b******d”.
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