Who are your "go to" vendors ?

Eatmore Mudd

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In the USA Western Cycle Supply is my "go to". The dudes an Enfield parts savant new old and vintage, no kidding. He's well connected. If he can't get it, it doesn't exist. He's wise and never fails me.

Autostreak and Royal-Rider are my India based go to guys. They always get it right.

CalSci and Seat Concepts are a pleasure to deal with and offer quality goods well worth the prices.

Who's done you well and who's not on your Christmas card list ?

Roy Gavin

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Royalenfieldking is helpful and will arrange express courier to Oz, standard shipping to Oz is 3/5 weeks, compared with 3/5 days to other parts of the world!
Wemoto are worth a look for Generic parts, but bike specific listing is too restrictive and other bits that fit hard to find on their site.
I like Sahara seats , direct not through Amazon. And Givi screens.
Ali Express is hit or miss, mainly miss for me.
Hitchcocks all good but expensive when you factor in shipping, but if the choice is between them and Ali Express or similar H usually works out cheaper in the end!
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Great advice, guys! Can we add links and/or pin this information so new folks can have a good reference of verified / reliable vendors? I'm always of the opinion that good businesses deserve more business.


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Got to admit that we have it easy in the UK.
Hitchcocks are handy and the website just works.
TEC as in tecbikeparts.com have stuff that others don't like extended brake and gear levers for us Sasquatch - fast delivery.
Enfield accessories (enfieldaccessories.co.uk) have handy stuff for the Himmy.
Viaterra (viaterragear.com) do nice front panniers for the Himmy.
Time 4 Bikes (time4bikes.com) do a nice clock for the Interceptor.
Sportsbike shop (sportsbikeshop.co.uk) have been handy for stuff for the Honda.
Last but not least my local dealership Wigan motorcycles have always got me stuff within a couple of weeks.

Unfortunately this does make me realise that I have spent a fortune on Farkles


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Villa Ridge, MO
Dennis Kirk for most things, including tires.
MotorcycleGear.com for jackets, helmets, and the like.
Ebay seller Royalenfieldking for Royal Enfield stuff.
MG Cycle, Harpers, and ebay for Moto Guzzi stuff.

Roy Gavin

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Just checked Wemoto's site for Hima parts, and they now list my 017 bike and a good range of RE spare parts at good prices, sometimes better than the Indian guys.
OK, no free oil filter and $10- shipping, but now more than chains and brake pads , they have things like clutch and gear indicator switches.
Maybe bought them from the old UK agent!
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