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Years of wiring guitars, and I'm stymied trying to wire in a two taillight and one high brake light on a hard tail trunk. the two tail lights are connected, so two wires. The high brake light is on a 3 wire harness, but previous owner only wired two.
The four go into a 4 pin flat trailer connector. Can I Posi-tap into the Himma's two tail light and two brake wires with the other end of the trailer harness and have a functioning quick disconnect? Thanks, Ken
Hey Piney, been through Fuquay Varina. One of my boys and his family live in Cary, and he worked in FV. Now he programs for Cisco and mostly from home. I'll be riding through next year on my way to our place in Aurora, NC! Cheers brother
Can anyone tell me how to post a new question?
Yeah man, where/what are you trying to post?
Happy Birthday 🎂🥳🎉!!
Wishing you riding n riding n riding all the way !!!
Took delivery yesterday of a brand new Meteor and then spent 4 hours putting 200 kms on her getting to learn how to handle.
First time I have owned a cruiser after 7 sports bikes. I like the difference. It’s fun to go slower😎👍
Congratulations on you new bike. I love my sport and cafe racers bikes but it nice just to go for a ride and look at things around you and not get beat up after 300 miles or more.
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