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I need to turn the rear suspension up on my Meteor. I have managed 3 clicks but the last 2 are not having it. Is there a easy way?
Good day,
Reading the thread about the W800 and noticed you mentioned an extended gear leaver. I also have Yeti size feet and think I need something like this for my Classic 350.
Do you mind posting where you got yours and perhaps a pic of what it looks like. I realize I'm in the US and not the UK but I'm sure it makes no difference.

Happy Riding
I grafted a piece of bar 6" long onto the end of a stock gear lever. Drilled and tapped 1/4" every 5/8" or so and inserted an Allen (cap head?) bolt into the furthest point then went for a ride. Gradually moved one hole further back until I was happy with the position. Then welded in the old peg that holds the rubber.
Do a search for "Free Himalayan gear lever" - will not let me post picture or link :mad:
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